Research Participant

One research participant joined the anti-FasciaBlaster groups even though she had documented paperwork showing their approval and endorsement of the product. This woman was one of Ashley’s biggest supporters who never expressed her dismay prior to her joining the anti-FasciaBlaster groups.  This participant made several videos and posts in support of the FasciaBlaster and how life changing it was for her. She loved the research so much that she asked to be a participant in any research conducted in the future.

1. Raves about the FasciaBlaster

2. Posts how thankful she was to be in the study

3. Makes a post asking to be in another study.

4. Proudly posts pictures with Ashley

5. Defends Ashley when other anti-Fasciablaster group members accuse Ashley of posting fake pictures.

6. Joins anti-FasciaBlaster group and changes her tune.