Media Blast

Members of the anti-FasciaBlaster groups were encouraged to contact as many media outlets as possible. They contacted media to encourage stories about their false claims and when Ashley would be featured in the media. They would organize to get positive stories removed or postponed.

Harassing Media


Leticia Miranda, Buzzfeed reporter, is contacted by members of the anti-FasciaBlasters group to do a Buzzfeed article on Ashley Black. Soon after she befriends all the women in the alternative groups. No attempt was made to contact Ms. Black for her side of the story. 

Once the story was published all the women involved in this agenda posted many negative comments on Ms. Black on the Buzzfeed article. 

The article was soon taken down from the Buzzfeed website because of the nature of the comments posted from these women.


The anti-FasciaBlaster members attacked TEDx and other proud supporters of Ashley Black for having Ashley as a speaker. The email address for the sponsor was posted so that everyone could email them in hopes of getting her removed as a speaker. They even ridiculed other speakers scheduled to give a speech at the event. Many even planned on attending in hopes to protest.

Positive Media Coverage

Despite the negative "media blasts", various media articles have been published covering the cyber bullying and harassment the Ashley Black Guru company endured.
There are also over 50 positive media features by prestigious outlets featured on the company website.

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