Collusion to Cause FDA Audit

All the anti-FasciaBlaster groups began a mass campaign to start writing to the FDA. They contacted an FDA agent who then started emailing them. The emails were posted in these anti-FasciaBlaster groups. This resulted in an FDA audit. More than half of the reports were from anonymous senders according to the company. Many were encouraged to file a report even if they weren’t injured. Fake medical reports were encouraged. 

Along with the FDA, members were coerced into reporting to as many government agencies as possible.

Collusion to give bad reviews to BBB.

Many false reviews were submitted to the BBB to give Ashley Black a bad overall rating.  Once the BBB looked into these false reviews in March of 2018 the rating was changed from an F to a B. Because these women monitor Ms. Black’s ratings daily it was within hours of the grade change that these women posted their outrage. A new agenda was given to make even more false reviews. It was even said that Ms. Black bribed the BBB for this grade change.