This website was established after thousands of Ashley Black Guru FasciaBlaster customers witnessed outrageous and vicious cyber-attacks perpetrated by an organized anti-FasciaBlaster movement. 

These cases of cyber crimes were so intense that the media is now reporting on these events.

FasciaBlaster Lies - results (February 2017 - ongoing)


Detractors  lie about their results and claim damage months after posting their positive FasciaBlaster results.

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Stalking / violation of privacy (March 2017 - ongoing)


Former FasciaBlaster enthusiasts created private groups & did everything to find & expose the most intimate details of Ashley Black’s life.

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Recruiting Customers (April 2017 - ongoing)


Negative group members private messaged customers and members of the Fasciablasters group to recruit them & turn them from the Fasciablaster.

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FasciaBlaster Conspiracy to cause an FDA audit (April 2017-ongoing)


A mass campaign to report to government agencies resulted in an FDA audit. Many were encouraged to file a fake report even if they weren’t injured. 

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Collusion for negative reviews (May 2017 - ongoing)


Many false reviews were submitted to the BBB and other review platforms. Once the BBB looked into these false reviews, the rating was changed from an F to a B.

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Conspiracy for negative media (July - ongoing)


Members of these third party groups were encouraged to contact as many media outlets as possible to prevent positive media features.

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FasciaBlaster Scam Stories

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We will use these stories to raise awareness of the existence of this personality type & vindictive strategies so small businesses & others can be more prepared & hopefully avoid it in the future.

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