Former members lie about their results and claim damage months after posting their positive results and making raving posts about the benefits they received from the FasciaBlaster. Some even reached out to open their own spa featuring FasciaBlaster services!! These same women also admitted to prior pre-existing conditions but still chose to blame the FasciaBlaster.  

Here is a typical order of lies from beginning to end of one of the anti-fasciablaster members:

1. raving posts and before and after images about the life changing effects of the blaster even with pre-existing conditions

2. claims to have no negative reactions after stopping use

3. becomes member of anti-FasciaBlaster group

4. states that the FasciaBlaster caused blood clots and heart attack symptoms from the VERY FIRST BLAST!

1. Made a post in the FasciaBlaster group thanking Ashley and raving about the FasciaBlaster. She even made several posts inquiring about how to open up a spa with FasciaBlaster services.

3. Made a post in the "Women over 40" group as well as in the "MasterBlasters" group disclosing she had an illness unrelated to the Fasciablaster.

4. Mocked other women for believing there was harmful BPA content in the FasciaBlaster.

5. Joined anti-FasciaBlaster group.

6. Made defamatory public posts on Ashley's appearance.

7. Started a Gofundme for BPA content in the FasciaBlaster.

1. Showed weight loss results and talked about pain relief
2. Raved about results given from the product without exercise or change in diet.

3. Joins anti-Fasciablaster groups.

4. States FasciaBlaster causes weight gain.