Is the FasciaBlaster a Scam? You decide!


Ashley Black was born with JRA and later contracted a deadly infection that left her disabled and on heavy pain medication. She refused to accept her fate and went outside the traditional medical model to find solutions to heal her body. Her methods and innovations resulted in a line of self-treatment tools used and loved by hundreds of thousands of customers around the world. She also caught the attention of the media and had hundreds of prominent media placements, a #1 bestselling book, and millions of fans, followers, and intrigued onlookers. She has one of the largest women’s only Facebook groups with over 350,000 members.

Users of the FasciaBlaster tools were posting their life changing stories ranging from canceling surgeries, getting off medications, and healing chronic pain and mystery illnesses, to smoothing out cellulite, fat pockets, wrinkles, and scar tissue. These tools cost less than $100 and enable users to manage their pain and treat themselves without a therapist in the privacy of their own home. Her company reinvested their money in researching the products and their effects so they could better understand the tremendous results hundreds of thousands of customers were describing.

The company’s warning labels and messaging are very clear about the possible side effects - including detoxing and bruising - and explain that the user has total control of how much pressure they apply, how often they use the tools, and that they have the ability to stop at any point or take a break to allow the tissue to recover and heal. The company also offers a 1,000-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. Sounds like a win-win for everyone, right? For over a year, this was the case, and Ashley Black had pulled off a miracle launching an amazing company and having success with helping hundreds of thousands of people, offering daily education and free coaching. 

As this fascia movement continued gaining popularity, a small subgroup of rabble rousers was formed.They created private anti-FasciaBlaster subgroups and would recruit FasciaBlaster customers to join them. In these groups, they started by casually say things like “has anyone gained weight while using the FasciaBlaster?” or “I think my hormones are changing since I started using the FasciaBlaster.” We don’t know if this was orchestrated by people with ulterior motives, a competitor, or something more sinister, but it was definitely an intentional effort. They’d try to find and unite the “cyber stalker” personalities or people who wanted to organize a lawsuit to get money, and then do the work of attempting to plant seeds of doubt, then convince others that every ache, pain, and health issue they’ve experienced was due to the FasciaBlaster tools. 

They began effectively confusing the public about the products and their safety, and thus began the full blown cyber-attack on Ms. Black, her personal family and friends, her business colleagues, as well as her customers and fans, the media, practitioners, and anyone that loved the FasciaBlaster tools and the education she was providing. There were even multitudes of fake profiles used to post fake reviews, interact with and message customers, spread rumors, and instill doubt. 

They took it steps further when they began harassing customers and fans and practitioners, and even took to “flooding the media” with their exaggerated stories and claims. They would boast about waiting for the right moment to attack Ashley Black, her staff, and the members of Ms. Black’s private groups. They would use their fake profiles to post false claims and raise concern about the side effects they claimed to experience. All of this has been documented with screenshot evidence, but the names, pictures, and personal information has been omitted. 

We, as concerned citizens and advocates for a safe and fair internet and enforcement of the cyber laws already in place, are asking those that witnessed this attack as an innocent bystander or were affected by this attack share your stories so that we can begin a campaign to raise awareness and end attacks like this.

We want to give a voice to the businesses and individuals who have been targeting by false claims, media, and allegations. 

We hope to put an end to these vicious, illegal, fraudulent attacks, harassment, violation of privacy, slander, and defamation. 

We will use these stories to raise awareness of the existence of this personality type and vindictive strategies so small businesses and others can be more prepared and hopefully avoid it in the future. We want to leverage social media, the press, and government officials to bring about a movement for change with our legal system so individuals and companies have protection. 

If you would like to submit your story, you may do it anonymously by filling out the contact form below. Please provide screenshot evidence for all stories, so that we can verify your story and accurately convey this message. All names, faces, likenesses, and personal information will be blocked out.


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